10 Foods to Keep Young and Healthy at Age 40

trulum skincare review Life begins at 40, so maybe at this age you should be able to enjoy life with enjoy, comfortable, without a lot of thought do not know by health or other problems. In order for your life more exciting and definitely fit and healthy, as written by the Times of India, Friday (3/5/2013) there are many types of food referenced Chief Diet Expert at Breach Candy Hospital, dr Eileen Canday for you aged 40.
1. Almond nuts Almon rich amino acids and vitamin E. This is a good snack for those who have problems with cholesterol. Almonds can help lower cholesterol and protect disease-free bodies.
2. Yoghurt Consume yoghurt in a regular way to help maintain skin softness. Yogurt has a character smoothing the skin because it is rich in calcium, vitamin A and D. Make sure the yogurt is low in fat.
3. Whole Wheat intact high fiber and potassium. All types of wheat help to avoid increased blood pressure and increase body weight at age 40 th .. Include wheat bread, brown rice, wheat and quinoa (quinoa) in your diet.
4. Sweet potatoes Sweet potato is one of the healthy foods that fit for your 40-year-old. Sweet potatoes help reduce the impact of cigarette smoke, avoid diabetes, and menegang immune health. Beyond that, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C that help to nourish your skin.
5. Soy milk This snack is good for people who suffer from osteoporosis as well as other problems. Soy milk is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, B1, calcium and protein that will help you increase bone density.
6. Beef without any fat Beef is rich in iron. Iron will help transport oxygen from the lungs to various cells in the body. It can have a high protein content of muscle builders.
7. TunaTuna is one of the best sources of protein and has no fat content. Useful to avoid muscle shrinkage.
8. StrawberriesStroberi good for skin health. Strobery is also rich in fiber with anti-oxidants such as anthocyanin and phenols, which can avoid damaging the cells in your skin.
9. Wine Antioxidants are also present in red wine that can avoid artery blockage and lower bad cholesterol. One glass of red wine has the same benefits for the body.
10. Salmon Fish With increasing age, your brain’s ability to naturally decrease. Eating salmon can help you avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s, because it contains DHA, EPA, omega-3 fatty acids. These are all key nutrients that help nerve cells to communicate easily, which helps you remember things faster. (Adt / Abd)