Hot Diet Nababan Diet: Decrease 14 Kg with Jinken Stomach Enzyme

efek samping kopi hijau Hot Diet Nababan Diet: Decrease 14 Kg with Jinken Stomach Enzyme
Jakarta The Most Major Director of PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines Hotasi Nababan currently looks more sleek and fresh. Hotasi in fact do diet. But others, the diet he does by taming the stomach enzyme.

According to him the enzymes in the stomach that make the brain decide what will be consumed and not. As a result, when this enzyme has been adjusted so the brain is also not greedy always to eat and eat. To begin, Hotasi changes enzymes in the abdomen for 2 weeks. During the first 2 weeks, Hotasi did not eat rice and some of his colleagues in other words sweet and savory food. It is just a consumption of food that has no taste in other words bland and carbohydrates shaped on the stew. What is consumed Hotasi in the first 2 weeks of wheat bread, boiled cassava, boiled potatoes, fresh vegetables, and drink plenty of water. He did not limit the hours of eating, when he was hungry some of the food he ate.

During the first 2 weeks it is also Hotasi just set the diet without any exercise. Finally, his stomach became smaller and his weight began to fall. One again, the enzymes in his stomach no longer make the brain to ask for the consumption of fatty and sweet foods again. Because of the enzyme that can be tamed, messages to the brain are also affected. The brain so choose foods that are healthy and not greedy again to eat.

We replace stomach enzymes. During the two weeks we changed our eating routine, we randomly like crt alt del (computer keys) enzyme memories, Hotasi said on the sidelines of a visit to the editorial of Liputan6. com, as written on Tuesday (20/05/2014). How also Hotasi words, from small we always eat rice and sugar. While eating time, there are other foods that become peers of rice that is about 80% unhealthy, such as uncomfortable rice when not using curry. Think of the enormous calories that enter the body when eating rice together with some of his colleagues.

Well, we want to replace the enzyme. Enzyme that master our food mind, we often opponent with the mind. I want the diet can not, the more we can not fight, for example six times a healthy meal and a day to eat satay occasionally. That’s when eating satay, enzyme will absorb full. The enzyme regulates some other foods, says Hotasi. During the first two weeks by consuming bland boiled food, plus vegetables and drinking water, it’s like detoxing. Throughout the two weeks is neutral because of good nutrition and lots of drinking. My stomach is small.

Currently watch the common food object only. This is because the enzyme has switched. Although actually read a simple restaurant writing just drool. Currently because the enzyme has switched, I ngilernya eat vegetables, bright Hotasi. Just after two weeks of successful diet, Hotasi do exercise so that the body is more fit and not mushy. So exercise it after we can arrange a meal, do not exercise to lose weight, because later revenge. Feel has exercised a lot, so people soon pelampiasannya eat a lot, said Hotasi.

Currently after successfully taming the stomach enzymes, Hotasi weight drops 14 kg from the beginning of 88 kg to 74 kg. With the body as it is today, Hotasi feels more ideal and healthy. (Igw)