Remember, Chew Gum Does Not Make Slim!

proargi.9 plus amazon You might think that chewing gum can help you lose weight and forget about other foods. Unfortunately, that assumption is wrong. Research published in the Eating Behaviors Journal shows that chewing gum instead causes our desire to chew other foods such as chips, cookies, and candy. Not vegetables and fruits. This takes place because of the influence of menthol, a chemical that gives a fresh mint flavor to some types of chewing gum flavored fruits and vegetables. Chemical change is an argument why When you brush your teeth, then drink orange juice, it tastes so uncomfortable, says co-author of the study Christine Swoboda, nutrition doctoral candidate at Ohio State University, told Live Science on Saturday (23/3). / 2013).

Chewing gum can cause thoughts about food as well as stimulate the release of digestive juices. Until some people hypothesize when chewing gum can make you hungry. However, there are indeed scientists who say that chewing gum can make people feel full and eat less. Although contrary, just a little research that shows that chewing gum helps lower body weight. So found conflicting results.

Therefore we are interested in learning it and want to know whether chewing gum really help with weight loss? said Swoboda. To find out, Swoboda and his partner Jenifer Temple from Buffalo Campus begged 44 volunteers to do a slot machine style game in a food exchange. Some participants played with mandarin oranges as well as grapes, used to play with potato chips or M & Ms chocolate. Previously played, 1/2 of the participants chewed fruit-flavored gum (Juicy Fruit) and mint flavor (Wrigley’s Spearmint).

Participants who chew candy mint in an important way are more likely to continue the game than the chewed fruit flavor. It shows mint participants less motivated when chewing gum. A moment of fruit chewing is not greatly influenced by statistical means. In the 2nd experiment, the researcher asked the participants to make a journal of what was consumed. After a while, participants were told to chew gum mint green tea before eating and snacking for a week. The next time, they just told to take down the food. From the data found, that chewing gum time, participants eat less.

However, it is not ditranslate fewer calories. On the other hand, people who get little nutrition from food, get the same amount of calories. Probably, menthol in the mint is associated with nutrients in fruits and vegetables to make the bitter taste until people stop eating healthy foods.

Some people eat little fruits and vegetables because inside their heads think ‘I have chewed gum before eating. Do I want a grapefruit snack? Swoboda said. Although in fact, Swoboda said, they like to tell myself I’m so hungry and want to eat double cheeseburger and taste-it will be the same. (Zul / Abd)